Riesling - Terroir and Aromas

Blue slate and green apple

Blue slate and green apple

The soils of the more northerly Riesling-growing areas such as the Mosel, Saar, Ruwer, Mittelrhein and the lower Rheingau are above all characterized by slate. This soil is very permeable as a result of its stratified structure and its consequent capacity to store the sun's warmth particularly well.

The combination of harsh, stony slate, the storage of warmth and the incredibly long vegetation period is what makes it possible in the first place to produce such outstanding, complex Rieslings with delicate acidity and splendid fruity sweetness.

Rieslings from slate soils are typically characterized by a fresh, green, apple note and an accompanying mineral note. This aromatic make-up is attributable to the relatively cool northern location and the lack of a nutrient-rich soil, thereby permitting the fine minerality to be clearly tasted.

Text: From the book "Riesling". By courtesy of HALLWAG-Verlag.

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