Riesling - the thrill of aciditiy

Riesling has acidity! Within this pithy but undeniable statement, the entire problem is summed up: Riesling is unique and unmistakable, but for some people also inaccessible.

Its natural and distinct acidity appears to be a problem in itself for a certain segment of the public taste, because this inherent characteristic comes across itself, as with no other grape variety, from piquant to distinctly formed and provokes dissent. The acidity thereby forms the soul and the backbone of Riesling and gives it a refreshing flavor.

Ultimately, Rieslings, above all those from relatively cool regions, must owe to this acidity their lacy taste, the brilliance and especially the tension between the acidity and the fruity sweetness – like a juicy, crisp apple which has grown in a cool climate zone and whose stimulating effect and delicate flavor create a desire for the next bite.

Text: From the book "Riesling". By courtesy of HALLWAG-Verlag.

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